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image Green - gal
Case wt. 37.0 lbs.

Neutral pH and Kelpro for gentle cleaning of the hands and more
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Gently Cleans and Refreshes without Drying.

Green is a remarkable liquid cleaning concentrate that thoroughly, yet gently, dissolves dirt. Its neutral pH makes it the ideal personal care cleanser. It’s perfect for every member of the family; safe for cleaning fine fabrics and as a hand and body wash. You use it like soap, but it’s 100% rinsable, leaving no sticky, irritating residue on your skin. Green can even protect your hands when you paint, work in the garden, or do other dirty chores.

Contains Kelpro. Exclusive organic protein base, for effective, gentle cleansing.
Versatile & economical. Highly concentrated, just a small amount is needed for effective results to wash hands, face, hair, body, plants, pets, baby clothes, etc.
Neutral pH. Fully compatible with human skin.
Non-drying. Cleans hands and leaves them soft.
Free-rinsing. Leaves no sticky residue or attract dirt, dust or grime.
“Invisible gloves” protects hands.
Nonflammable. Can be used or stored near heat or open flames.

How to use Green:

For hand and body wash: Wet hands or body with water. Use a small amount of Green for a rich cleansing experience. Rinse thoroughly.

For fine washables: Fill a basin or sink with cool water. Add a few drops of Green. Add clothes and wash as usual. Rinse thoroughly. Not for use in washing machines.

To protect hands during dirty chores: Create an “invisible glove.” Apply a dime-sized amount of Green to dry hands before tackling dirty jobs. Let dry. When you’re done, simply rinse hands with water, using additional Green as needed.

water, lauramide dea, tea lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, hydrolyzed animal protein, kelpro, citric acid, tetrasodium edta, preservative, fragrance, color

Rinse thoroughly after all applications.

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